Our core principal is simple: use technology to help connect and empower people

Lenox Park Solutions develops proprietary software to enhance and reinforce relationships between institutional investors. These robust solutions have been developed organically over time to help navigate the complex world of finance. Through deep industry experience across both technology development and investment management, LPS has created an intuitive way to organize information and establish effective relationship management practices.


Relationships – Institutional Investment Management is about People. While portfolio management, financial analysis, and alpha generation are cornerstones of investing, these services begin and end with People. We understand managing a successful business fundamentally means managing complex relationships. Our solutions are centrally architected on this philosophy.


Contacts – Individuals are the building blocks for every successful relationship. Our solutions enable Users to intuitively link Contacts with institutions, investments, activities, and documents, generating an institutional memory across many business cycles.


Document Management – Institutional requirements constantly evolve, forcing investors to routinely change and adapt internal operations to match these regulations. Our Document Management feature allows functional tags to be assigned across document types enabling organizations to maintain the highest standards in back-office management.

Deal Tracking

Deal Tracking – Analyzing Best Ideas in a clear, concise manner is crucial for any institutional investor. Our Pipeline Management feature allows Users to track opportunities across product type, asset class, fund structure, deal source, deal team, size, and region. Custom dashboards and reports facilitate an enhanced understanding of the opportunity pipeline and its impact on the portfolio.


Fund Management – Whether you are a General Partner managing funds and co-investment vehicles or a Limited Partner monitoring current and prospective asset managers, the ability to efficiently understand the status of your pipeline and active investments is vital to effective institutional management. The ability to quickly dissect and understand investment strategies, philosophies, and priorities of partner institutions leads to enhanced fundraising and deal closing capabilities while encouraging institutions to act in a more proactive way.

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